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  • Tamah Bryant

Wearing Broken Chains

I found myself in the book of Psalms after face-timing with one of my nieces and hearing her talk about how encouraged she has been by reading through the Psalms, I read through the chapters that she has been reading through, then I went over to one of my most beloved chapters. Psalm 107. I had gotten a new Bible, and this was the first time reading this chapter in my new Bible, so there were no markings in it yet, which made it feel like the first time I had ever read it.

The chapter is broken up into five scenarios of people finding themselves in "situations" and being delivered. The overwhelming theme is the goodness of God and His wonderful works.

In the first scene we find somebody who is bound in chains because of his sin. His soul is hungry and thirsty, and God satisfies and fills him. He had been proud and rebellious, and had been brought down low with hard labor, but then cried to the Lord in his trouble, and the Lord heard him and broke his chains.

Don't miss that...He BROKE his chains, He did not just loose them and set him free, but He broke the chains.

When something is broken, it is powerless to be used against you anymore.

So many times, however, we take those broken chains and try to wrap them around us so that we are still enslaved. We put our focus on our frustrations and the work that Satan is doing and we get overwhelmed and feel defeated instead of focusing on the work that GOD is doing.

It is easy to forget that, through Christ, we have the victory and we can trust that He will accomplish His will through us. So we take those broken chains and start wrapping ourselves up, causing us to be less effective, bound by our own doing.

But that makes us even more miserable because we are trying to hold captive what Christ has set free!

Brothers and sisters in Christ...We are free from the chains that Satan had put on us. They have been replaced by a robe of righteousness and if God is for us, who can stand against us? Does it really even matter if someone stands against us?

Rejoice with me today for the freedom we have in Christ, and take that freedom and go and worship, glorify, praise, and serve the One who has set us free!

"If the Son therefore shall make you free, you shall be free indeed."

John 8:36

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