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Stan and Jane Stringer


4:30 pm


Stan and Jane founded Faith Baptist Mission in 1979 and have been serving the Lord faithfully since.  Stan is the head pastor of Faith Baptist Church and ministers in the jail weekly on the reservation.  Together, they head up the ministry to the elderly on the reservation, teaching lessons, preparing picnics and providing fellowship.  They offer counseling for both couples and individuals. 

Joyce Jones


10:00 am


Joyce runs the church's financials and ministers at the jail on the reservation.  She heads up the mail box club, sending Bible study lessons to inmates all over the US.  She goes on regular visitation and adds a helping hand to anything and everything that is planned for the church and mission. 

Doug and Tamah Bryant


11:30 am


Doug is the worship and youth leader.  He heads up the maintenance projects at the church and on the mission.  He ministers weekly in the jail and preaches in the mission church that is held on Sunday afternoons. Tamah ministers in the jail, assists with the youth group and is the event coordinator for the church.

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