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  • Tamah Bryant

Precious To Me

When I look at my children, my heart is filled with so much love. One of my favorite things to do is to sit back and just watch them when they are totally unaware that they are being watched (not in a psycho stalker way but in an "I made that!" Kind of a way) Although my children are far from perfect, and I spend some days having to chastise them way more than I take the time to praise them. Nevertheless, the love I have for them moves my heart to the point of tears. Sometimes, "Oh, I love you so much!" tears and sometimes, "Why are you doing that again, why can't you learn?" tears. No matter what kind of tears I shed, my kids really are precious to me.

Think about this...I am a child of God and if you have been redeemed through the precious blood of Jesus Christ, then you are His child also. He is our perfect, heavenly Father, and as precious as my children are to me...I am even more precious to Him! I Peter 1:7 says that the trial of my faith is more precious to Him than gold. I Peter 2:4 says that He chose me and again, He calls me precious. Earlier in the chapter he refers to His believer as a baby, desiring His Word like milk that is needed for growth. What is more precious than a baby? Even ugly babies are still precious!

I know I am not a perfect parent, but I do strive to be a very good parent. I know I fall short every single day. Sometimes I discipline out of anger, frustration and selfishness. Sometimes, I discipline when I should be hugging them. Sometimes, I turn my head the other way and overlook their misbehavior and disobedience because I do not think I have the energy to deal with them, or because I have no idea what to even do, or even worse-I simply do not want to deal with them at the moment

But God...He is the perfect parent. Such a wise and loving Father. He always does what He is supposed to do. Every single time! He loves when He should love, blesses when He should bless, disciplines when He should discipline. His motives are always pure and right. I wonder how much more precious my little ones would be if I could sit back and look at them how God looks at me. If I could see them with a heart that has no guilt, no selfishness, no exhaustion, no confusion. To know that everything I do for them is for their good and to make our relationship sweeter. That is how my Heavenly Father sees me. With perfect eyes, and He says, "You are precious!" He has loved me with a perfect love.

Lord, continue to show me how precious I am to you as you become more and more precious to me.

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