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(Part 7) God Is My Record By: Stan Stringer

Updated: May 2, 2020


Many of us like to keep check-off lists. We make lists of what we want to do, what we have already done, what we know we will never get done! We record—if only in our minds—our Bible reading schedule, our times of prayer, our faithfulness to church. It is good to form godly habits. It is good to hold ourselves accountable to those habits. But, we must not lose sight of the underlying purpose of those habits. Bible reading, prayer and church attendance are fundamentally opportunities to re-connect with God. Without that re-connection, all we are doing is mere formality.

Some people post their witnessing activity for everyone to see, [and congratulate them]. They claim to have witnessed to hundreds of people every week. This is good, but it is only their record. What does God’s record look like? Our witness is an outreach of the Holy Spirit within us. Without that, all our efforts are just measly human effort.

God’s record must look much different from ours. He records the times we spend with Him, not just the times we attend church. He records the times He is able to speak to our listening hearts, not just the times we read the Bible. He records the times when we sincerely communicate with Him, not just the times we say a bunch of words in what we call a prayer.

There are things we cannot prove. We can show people our lists, but we cannot prove to anyone how our hearts are responding to God. Only God knows these things, and we simply rest in knowing that ‘God is my record’.

For God is my record, how greatly I long after you all in the bowels of Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:8

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