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Part 17 Excellence In Worship By: Stan Stringer

Updated: May 2, 2020


Different churches organize their worship services in different ways. They range from very formal to very casual. Also, people have different personalities. Some are very excitable, and some are somber. God made such a wonderful variety!

God has gathered all of us in from various places, and joined us together at Faith Baptist Church. He does nothing haphazardly—everything has a purpose. And, that means that He has a purpose in your being here. Most likely, it involves the way He has designed you with gifts, talents and abilities—with a personality and experiences that are needed by someone else in the church. I’m sure it also involves needs that you have, and God has designed that those needs be met by another person in the church. That is why it is important to be at every service at church—God plans to do something either for or through you!

Church worship actually must begin at home. We must arrive at church already ‘prayed up’, and getting along with the others in our family. God even says that if we arrive at the altar, and realize we are having a problem with someone, to just leave the altar and make things right with that person first. A person who persists in staying in a wrong attitude with someone else will never be able to worship God.

We should also treat God with the highest respect. Even going for a job interview, we want to look our best. We should do much more for God. Put a special emphasis on your time of worship. It is a special ‘date’ with the One we love.

Get full opportunity from the time of worship. Bible in hand; a

melody in your heart; a friendly hand that is anxious to greet others; eyes that are open to those around you, and a heart for their best interests. Sing the songs from your heart, and pay attention to the words. Pray personally when someone else is praying. Fully enjoy the Sunday School lesson and sermon—and voice your gratitude. Don’t slump in to the back row, but be engaged with the service.

God is anxious to bless us when we are anxious to worship Him!

That ye may approve things that are excellent; that ye may be sincere and without offence till the day of Christ. Philippians 1:10

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