February 2019

Paul (and Betty) Hiscock

Hello Friends,

Thank you for your friendship and encouragement as we we serve with Sermon ’n’ Song. We hope that this edition of the Update be an enjoyable read.

Betty’s Recovery

As some of you may know, Betty broke her arm last November. That called for some changes in our schedule and the music that we used. The healing process with therapy has been going well. We are getting back to our usual music paying abilities. 

Pastor’s Fellowship Meeting

We were privileged to give a Hymn-Story message at a combined Illiana and Wabash Valley Pastor's Fellowship meeting, honoring friends Pastor Larry and Kathy Gilaspy. They will be leaving Indiana and Fairbanks Baptist Church for service with Operation Renewed Hope. Pastor Rick Cook and the people at Horace Baptist Church were fantastic hosts. It was a blessing to be part of the fellowship, to express gratitude to the Pastor and Mrs. Gilaspy for their faithfulness, and introduce our ministry to many fundamental Baptist pastors.

Emmanuel Baptist Church; Valparaiso, IN (Pastor John Allan)

We saw new records set during meetings at Emmanuel Baptist Church's Winter Bible Conference with Pastor John Allen. The record was not in the numbers that came, but the record-setting low temperatures in north-west Indiana that we experienced during the meetings. We saw the thermometer drop to below -20 degrees with plenty of snow. Yet, the people came each service and the spirit was high.  Although schools, businesses, restaurants, the Post Office and another churches were closed, the pastor announced that it would be warm in the church and that it would not be snowing inside! They kept coming. It was an amazing week. 

The four-day series of meetings was different for us in another way. After presenting "The Life of William Carey" in Sermon 'n' Song for the combined Sunday School hour, we continued into the morning service with special mission music and preaching by Dr. Stringer. Starting at 6:30 nightly, we did a full double-header with Dr. Stringer. We brought the first message with such themes as "Songs of God's Provision", and "Songs of Salvation", which were followed by the stirring and practical preaching from Dr. Phil Stringer. Somehow, the music and messages all came together as one powerful spiritual challenge. Their good choir, under the leadership of Assistant Charles Lail, also sang each service. They truly were a blessing. The good attendance each service was so unexpected and we are thankful for all who came. Hats Off! to the people of Emmanuel for their effort those days.

The unpredictable and shifting weather did, however, cause some changes with other meetings. Yet, I am thankful that we were not stranded along the road with our instruments and equipment.

Victory Baptist Church, Whiteland, IN (Pastor Mark Felber)

We were at Victory Baptist Church all day February 3 where we presented “By the Strength of God’s Hand” in the morning and “Songs of God’s Word” at night. It was good to be back there and see many new members involved. It was a refreshing day among friends there.

What's Next?

February 17, 2019 (Sunday) - Faith Baptist Church; Danville, IL (Pastor Al Rudie.)
Special Missions Emphasis Sunday.

February 27 - March 9, 2019 - Mission Trip to Myanmar with Pastor Walt Widdis and Missionary Bob McQueary. Paul will be teaching Bible doctrine and music ministry at Doulos Theological Seminary as well as providing special music in the church and school. We look forward to being with Pastor sen Hmung once again.

New Opportunities

There is one re-occurring word that others use to describe a "Sermon 'n' Song" service: "Refreshing." We will be at some new churches this year and are thankful for the opportunities to give the convicting yet refreshing word of God to others (Acts 3:19). We are also working on some ministry trips out west and to northeast Pennsylvania. We still have some openings here and there in our schedule.  If we may be of service to you, please send us an email at paulhiscock@hymnstories.com or call at 317-862-4908. We look forward to serving you.

Sometimes, there is a fine line between "living by faith" and "being a good steward" of our possessions. We've chosen to step out and trust the Lord. After 17 years of stepping out by faith, we are still stepping out and seeing the Lord provide. We are thankful for all the help in making our ministry used of the Lord. Thank you all for your prayers and financial support for “Sermon ’n’ Song”. It's a privilege to serve the Lord.

Still Singing the "New Song",

Paul (and Betty) Hiscock


January2019 DearBrotherandSistersinChrist, We  had a wonderful Fall and Christmas season.  We saw prayers answered and growth in the church.  God is good all the time! During the month of October, our people learned about what a missionary is and about giving to missions tore a chotherpartsoftheUSandaroundtheworld.WegottoenjoyspendingƟme